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CyberLink Power2Go 13.0

Create and convert optical discs, video, and music files
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Though mainly categorized as a disc burning utility, CyberLink Power2Go offers you much more functionality than meets the eye. This high-end disc utility allows you not only to burn any kind of disc (data, video, audio, photo gallery, etc.), but also to make exact copies of your favorite discs, convert media, and back up any media stored on your YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and Vimeo accounts.

This excellent tool comes in an attractive and easy-to-navigate interface, with neatly organized categories for all the main functions provided – Data Disc, Video Disc, Music Disc, Photo Gallery Disc, Online Media Backup, Copy Disc, Media Converter, and a set of interesting utilities that includes the possibility of mounting virtual drives, create Windows recovery discs, hybrid discs (with text and audio), or to print labels for your newly-created discs. The choice of functions and features is massive, including those exclusive to this new version 10 of the product. Now you can convert video and audio to mobile device formats, make use of Power Media Player (a mobile app), and rip audio CDs using the AAC codec to create M4A files.

Creating data and audio discs, as well as cloning existing discs, is just as simple and straightforward as it has always been with Power2Go. Photo Gallery discs will play back an attractive slideshow (complete with a soundtrack and great transition effects), while the Video Disc option includes the possibility of authoring your DVDs using attractive menu templates and structuring the contents according to your preferences, thus transforming your own video files in pro-looking DVDs. Image files, both ISO and P2I (the program’s own proprietary format), are well supported. You can create new image files or use them as input when burning your discs. Likewise, as briefly mentioned above, you can view and explore their contents by mounting it on a virtual drive easily without leaving Power2Go.

The new Video and Audio to Mobile Device options will let you plug in your portable devices to your PC and transfer media to them in just the right format. The program will then detect your device and will offer you the best possible codec automatically. Alternatively, you can tell the program the brand and model of your device (if not connected to your computer) and let it decide on the format that your smart phone or tablet will feel more comfortable with. You can also rip the contents of your audio CDs and save the resulting tracks as MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, APE, or M4A files, which you can then easily transfer to your mobile devices.

Editing audio files, creating backups of your media files stored on the Web, burning system recovery discs, printing labels and artwork for your CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs are also part of the fun of using this tool... The plethora of functions provided by CyberLink Power2Go will keep you busy for a few hours, and will allow you to produce professional media discs in a rewarding and intuitive way.

Francisco Martínez
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  • High level of versatility and flexibility
  • Extensive disc-related functionality
  • Intuitive and nice-to-look-at interface
  • Supports all well-known media file formats
  • Mounts your image files as virtual drives
  • ISO archive support
  • Backs up your online media from YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and Facebook


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